Workforce Development Programs

Vermilion County Works (VCW) provides a variety of job training programs and services. The following types of training and services are provided by our local office located in Danville, IL at Danville Area Community College (DACC).

Workforce Development Programs

Vermilion County Works (VCW) provides a variety of job training programs and services. The following types of training and services are provided by our local office.


In Vermilion County, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title IB programs are administered by Vermilion County Works (VCW). Our goal is to help Vermilion County become more economically competitive through strengthening our workforce.

Through providing accurate labor market information, offering educational opportunities in high-demand occupations, and providing support for those looking for work, we strive to help job seekers achieve their career goals.

Vermilion County Works
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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 is federal legislation authorizing federally funded workforce programs and services. The Act prepares eligible youth and adults in Vermilion County and the surrounding area for entry into the labor force. Workforce development programs and services have been developed to meet the needs of area business and industry.


See how we have helped others like you


Dominique Jonesobtained her High School Equivalency through First Institute Training and Management (FITM), the Youth provider for Local Workforce Area 18, in May of 2022.

Dominique Jones, came to First Institute Training and Management (FITM), the Youth provider for Local workforce Area 18, in December of 2017 determined to obtain her High School Equivalency. After her assessment she knew she had a long road ahead to reach her goal. While in the program Dominique was focused on getting her high school equivalency but life chose to throw some barriers in the way. In January of 2018 Dominique suffered the loss of her boyfriend due to a car accident. Grieving this loss, she missed several days of instruction and was dropped from her Adult Ed class.

Dominique focused on getting back in class while working different jobs to support herself. Later in 2019, she nearly became homeless and was working with FITM and the local Housing Authority to maintain a stable living situation. In early 2020 Dominique was pregnant and put on bed rest so she was not able to attend classes again. FITM continued to support with Dominique with tutoring, work experience opportunities, transportation assistance, paying for GED tests, mentoring her as a new parent, financial literacy classes, and just moral support to keep her going. 

It was a long road but Dominique’s determination and support from FITM paid off. On May 19th 2022 Dominique walked the stage with her daughter to receive her High School Equivalency and currently has two jobs one at Help at Home and the other at Menards.


Destiny Phillips, started the Medical Assisting Course provided by First Institute Training and Management funded through Vermilion County Works Youth Program in 2020. 

Destiny has exhibited a strong resiliency and determination to the course. During the course, Destiny was deployed to Iraq to serve for our country. For most students, they would drop out and quit, but not Destiny. Destiny didn’t want to stop the course, instead she decided to take the course via online to ensure completion of the class. Destiny still has perfect attendance and she is one of the top students enrolled in the course.


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. In 2016, Local 538’s Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) partnered with Vermilion County Works (VCW), the WIOA Title I provider for Local Workforce Area #18 for assistance with their local training of apprentices.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 538 serves Vermilion and Iroquois counties in Illinois, as well as three counties in western Indiana. By getting Local 538’s JATC on the statewide list of eligible training providers, VCW was able to fund Related Training and Instruction (RTI) and supportive services for the local apprentices.
This partnership has continued to flourish with funding from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity with the awarding of the Illinois Apprenticeship Expansion grant to VCW. This grant has allowed the funding of seven IBEW apprentices that began training last year, and an additional six new apprentices for this year.
Joe Stelzer, JATC Training Director for IBEW Local 538 states, “The partnership with Vermilion County Works has been paramount to the continued success of our electrical apprenticeship program. The coordinated effort on both fronts has allowed our apprenticeship program more flexibility in providing better training and job placement. This partnership began at a time when our local was in a slower period of work and under immense strain financially. With the funding provided we have been able to continue with actively accepting apprentices that we would otherwise not have been able to accommodate. Because of this, the lives of those who have been selected have been forever changed and we as an apprenticeship thank you for that opportunity. Our success is yours as well and we look forward to continuing with this endeavor.”
IBEW apprentices’ wages while training range from $15.15/hr for beginning apprentices, to a full journeyman wireman wage at $36.08/hr after completing the 5-year training program. Apprentices earn wage increases after completion of hourly benchmarks, with 8,000 hours required for full journeyman wireman certification.
Local 538’s apprenticeship program has earned several honors: Outstanding Apprentice Awards, Outstanding Apprentice Instructor, and Excellence in Training Award. The local also participates with area schools in career fairs, college fairs, FFA, 4H and the Vermilion Advantage program.